Friday, December 12, 2014

Thank you Note: Home Sweet Home


It is time for a new thank you note to life.

These last months I've had the luxury to stay more at home, within these four walls I love, both dedicating more time to the things I love to do professionally (writing and editing) and to my personal little things.

  I believe that anyone who can state to love his or her home can (and should!) consider himself or herself very lucky.  
And I do love mine.

So here is a big 'thank you' to life for all the times I can take care of my plants, have the time to adjust the buttons of a coat, make my own candles, bake my own quiche, read the newspaper or a magazine, try a new yoga position or find the right pants for that certain top, have people coming over to celebrate in a cozy atmosphere (because I managed to cook that recipe I wanted to try in a long time).
So thank you life for this extra time. Thank you for my little flat. And also thank you for the awesome guy I share it with. 

P.s. For those of you who have no idea what my thank you notes are, read the first post of this series ;) 
kneading dough
pinch holes
foody food foodneu aus alt buch erste seite
DSC_5114snow soft 2






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