Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I've Got Some Serious Plans...

Holidays are coming, winter is letting us feel its presence outside and days are shorter and shorter ... 
Well, I have some serious plans for these calm wintery evenings: 
a warm plaid to cocoon myself in, some nice old and new books, dark organic chocolate, a cup of nice smelling tea and candles all around me. 

Does it sound like a good plan ;)?







Lama and alpaca wool blanket - Custom made for Rothirsch in the south of Germany by the company Alpenwolle. BTW: Rothirsch is a small nice shop with exclusive uncommon fashion and design products.

After dinner tea - Pukka. It contains organic fennel, chicory and cardamom. A great alternative to coffee after dinner. From Changemaker.

Dark chocolate (70%) - Cru Virunga by Original Beans. This organic milk-free chocolate takes its name from the Virunga National Park in Congo and supports the cause of the gorillas which live there). From Changemaker.

Silk pillows and golden oriental lantern - From Globus. 

Chest - From a thrift shop near the Zurich airport (Brockenhaus Sammelsurium). 

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