Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Almost There! - Pascal's Movember


As you know, my BF and I are sustaining Movember this year. Look at his moustache! Gorgeous! "I look like a porn star from the '80s" he says. Well, the new style's working: at the office people started to ask him why he changed his look and one colleague decided to join the Movember action. 
To all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas out there: 
Hold on! You're almost there!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Following the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich for the CdT

Following the most important fashion show of the country for a newspaper was definitely a dream come true. That's what happenend to me last week at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich (don't know if you remember but I went to work there as a dresser years ago, when the event was still called Charles Vogele Fashion Days). 
Since my priority was to write for the Corriere del Ticino, I did not want to "steal the spotlight" and chose not to publish anything on my own blog first. 
However, since I made some pictures of the opening show, which was starring Max Mara (which desappointed because instead of the new S/S 15 collection showed in Milan in September, they proposed their current F/W 14-15 collection again), Lala Berlin (fresh, light and feminine), Julian Zigerli (crazy, pop and colorful menswear), Lug von Siga (sexy and funky modern boho), and Bibhu Mohapatra (almost artistocratic, with, here and there, some modern and ethnic touches)I will post here the link to the article that was published on both the paper and its online page today and, of course, I will now share some of my own pictures from the show. 
In the video, my favorite show of the evening, namely the one by the young brand Lug von Siga.


dsc_0140dsc_0136dsc_0134dsc_0121dsc_0114dsc_0112dsc_0080 JULIAN ZIGERLI 




dsc_0473dsc_0457dsc_0445dsc_0437dsc_0428dsc_0422dsc_0369dsc_0374dsc_0356dsc_0351dsc_0333dsc_0312dsc_0291dsc_0287 MAX MARA 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello Sexyness!

Embracing sexyness by wearing lace, transparencies and pieces that let you play with your imagination: that's something I enjoy about being a woman. Adding a luxurious skin (read massage) oil to the package is what I like about being in a relationship ;)! 
And now, candle light please!

Panties - Anais (
"Sein nu" bra - Agent Provocateur
Massage gel - Skin Addiction, The Supreme Silk Touch by Bijoux Cosmetiques (
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