Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hair Therapy Session(-s): the Results

BC_RR_Compact Range
As promised, I am back with the results of my Bonacure hair therapy session, which I will now officially call sessionS, since I haven't stopped using the Bonacure Repair Rescue products since the test. It's been eleven days now (with a hair wash routine every 2-3 days), and I notice that my hair is glossy, nourished, and healthy. Let's be honest: not that my hair was an absolute catastrophe of split ends and dehydration. But as one can tell when some products are damaging one's hair, I now can certainly state that Bonacure is definitely not one of them, on the contrary. I hope you can see how my hair now shines on the picture above. What do you think?

Henkel and Schwarzkopf state that they have not made any test involving animal experimenting since the 1980s. Since March the 11th 2013, the EU law has forbidden animal testing for all cosmetic ingredients. Henkel & Schwarzkof are following the given rules. 

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