Thursday, April 3, 2014

Say "Sweet"! Easter Giveaway with Max Chocolatier


Family tradition is the key to Max Chocolatier's quality: 
the chocolate brand owes his name to a small boy who often forgot to lick off telltale traces of the chocolate he loved to eat. 
The exclusive recipes for today’s chocolate delicacies, in fact, come from Max’s grandfather, who mastered the art of conjuring up priceless works of art in “brown gold” many years before. 
Max’s father too, company founder Patrik König, recalls that no Sunday would have been complete without grandfather’s “Gugelhöpfli”. 


Today’s fine, handmade chocolate products from Switzerland owe their success to these childhood dreams and vivid family recollections. Since 2009 Max Chocolatier’s expert team has been awakening Grandfather König’s original recipes to new life on the Lake Promenade in Lucerne.


Natural, biologically grown ingredients and cocoa beans purchased from fair-trade plantations guarantee the quality of these masterpieces in chocolate, pastries and ice creams, none of which contain preservative substances. Max Chocolatier regards “hand-made” and “natural” as synonyms for quality and precision. Even the badges embossed on to the pralines and chocolate bars are shaped and applied by hand.


  And to create the perfect all-embracing experience, Max Chocolatier managed to create the most cute packaging: a sugar sweet joy for tongue and eyes! 

Max Chocolatier and GvN Style Blog want to please you with a cute and delicious Easter bunny. Comment below and/or on GvN's social media channel and indulge in Swiss sweetness. You have time until April 14th!

Max Chocolatier_Easter 2014By the way: Max Chocolatier’s cow Pralina is waiting on the slopes of the Seewlialp in the Swiss canton of Uri to pose for a photo. Just in case you need some extra Swiss flair...

Say “sweet”!

Pictures - courtesy of Max Chocolatier


  1. SWEET! I haven't heard of Max Chocolatier before but those chocolates are amazing and the bunnies are ADORABLE!

  2. These treats look amazing! I am a chocolate lover so I would LOVE to try these! Thanks for the giveaway! kelliescamera at gmail dot com

  3. Just the boxes alone are gorgeous and the bunnies look amazing! Thanks for the chance. Love Max Chocolatier. Very cool blog.


    These are just beautifully made, I'm very impressed!


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