Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday SPA Treat for Body & Soul


Sunday afternoon and it is raining outside. 
What could be a better occasion than this for a home spa day with natural cosmetics?  
Lighted candles, a cozy bubble bath, a warm cup of herbal tea (ginger and green tea)and high quality natural beauty products is all that I need to treat my body and mind in a natural way.
As you know, I like to use organic and natural products for my body care and everytime I find products worth spreading the word about, I like to share it with you.
Here are three newly tested products.

Weleda is one of the best-known natural cosmetics brand. I love the smell of this showergel made with organic roses' essential oil. Definitely a joy for my senses.
 Sanctum is a new organic and vegan brand I just discovered. The products' quality is absolutely undebatable and what I appreciate a lot is their policy: the packaging of each product tells whether and to what percentage the ingredients (which are always 100% natural) are organic. Moreover, Sanctum is a vegan brand which does not test on animals and the packaging is made ​​with recyclable materials. I find that there is no better way to celebrate and respect the very inspirational source of the products, namely nature.
An absolute guiltfree indulging experience.

I found this Anthyllis Shampoo in a discounter in Italy. It was the first time I saw it, but I can assure you that my hair is super soft every time I use it. So if you happen to bump into it, I reccomend you try it!

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