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Mach neu aus alt: Kleidung und Accessoires, the book I am currently being inspired by every night before I go to sleep is the German translation of Henrietta Thompson's Remake it: Clothes, a guide to save the world, save money, and have style. 

The book is full of "recipes" to make something new out of something old, as for example transform two old identical silk shawls into a summery top, wear your father's old shirt as a skirt, or create a bag to transport your pet out of a sweater.
Neal Whittington has charmingly illustrated every chapter in a super stylized and super cute way. Moreover, the book offer tips to take care of your beloved pieces to keep them as good as new and a whole list of incredible artists and designers specialized in recycling old fabrics, objects and pieces of clothing to make new ready-to-wear and haute couture creations.

If you are still looking a for a nice and meaningful Christmas gift: this book could really be something worth buying!

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