Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trendy Mamas to Be, Here's Something for You!

For Eve

A while ago, I wrote a post on fashion for trendy mamas to be. However, since my now super pregnant besty asked me to write another one, how could I not obey?

Here are my fashionable suggestions for a cool baby bump: 

- No one does have to stick to maternity fashion every day. Elastic fabrics and clothes in one or two sizes bigger should do it as well.
- A super cosy and super practical uniform could be leggings, long tunics and cute fitted jackets.
Cool and comfy booties, cute hats, bold jewlry, cured nails and lipstick will spice up your basic pieces.  That's why...
-...You gotta take care of the details!  They are your best allies to add that glamour to your easy looks.
-Currently "en vogue" and perfect for future moms: ponchos or capes and dungarees, even tough these should be worn with some heels, as they tend to make every type of body a bit larger.

***This goes to you Evi: I am so happy for you sweety!***

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