Monday, June 17, 2013

Healthy & Happy - My Love for Consciously Delicious Food

For fun: Italian-Mexican whole wheat fajitas with fresh crispy salad, carrot, avocado, mozzarella, and kidney beans in tomato sauce. 

Wholeweat pasta, with truffel, parmesan and eggplant

A real treat: whole wheat penne with grilled eggplant, parmigiano cheese and truffle (mon amour!)

Tsatziki and wholewheat Swedish cracker 

Greek&Skinny: fat free yogurt tzatziki and a whole wheat Swedish crouton

Asian beauty: vegetables wongtong, soja sauce, and fresh cucumber salad

melanzane, asparagi e crema di quark e rafano

Low carb: boiled asparagus with ricotta and horseradish cream, and low fat cheese "melanzapizza" (pizza made with eggplants instead of pizza bread)
fresh juices  
Sweet vitaminazers: carrot, ginger and orange & kiwi, lemon and apple juices
papaya and caffè latte

Happy awakening: papaya and latte macchiato (without sugar!)

If eating healthily meant to cut out the fun, I could have never started eating more consciously in the last few months. Luckily enough, Mother Nature has provided us with many many super delicious different ingredients that keep my mood, my body and my tummy happy and healthy :)!

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  1. Nice pictures! Look delicious!!


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