Sunday, June 2, 2013

Café du Bonheur - The Opening Event

When my cousin Nushin, a Swiss-Persian natural sweety with a heart for genuine food and a passion for the art of catering, and her hubby J.B., a real Marsellais and a true king of the kitchen, opened their first restaurant, the result had to be a charmant mix of cosy and easy style, good vibes and authentic food. A real French touch in the multicultural and artistic Kreis 4 in Zurich.

I truly congratulate them for this big step and I wish them a looooot of success!

Mesdames, Messieurs, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the Café du Bonheur.
(Doens't just the sound of the name make you smile :)?)


Nushin & GiorgiaGiorgia & her drinkDSC_5622DSC_5617DSC_5606DSC_5597DSC_5594DSC_5592DSC_5590DSC_5581DSC_5572DSC_5571DSC_5553DSC_5542DSC_5536 
You are looking at: 
1 - Madame & Monsieur Bonheur :)
2 - "Vive le Café du Bonheur!"
3 - Le Marseillais
4 - Details of light
5 - Draft Beer - mais avec un col Claudine, s.v.p.!
6 - Nushin & me
7 - Santé!
8 - Oh la la, even more of santé.. and of bonheur ;)!
9 - Happy reflections
10 - J.B. opens oysers
11 - Fresh scented flowers and good wine. Two main ingredients for the best party!
12 - True Marseillaise kitchen!
13 - Bravo le D.J.!
14 - Trés retro. I liked! Everybody liked!
15 - Le menu
16 - The restaurant from the right window. Part I.
17 - The restaurant from the right window. Part II.
18 - Music & more entertaining
19 - Les moules sont arrivé!
20 - What a nice idea to bring more green into your neighbourhood: many different services form the area got a chest like this to plant whatever they wanted. These are the first plants of Café du Bonheur.

Café du Bonheur
Zypressenstrasse 115
8004 Zurich

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