Friday, April 5, 2013

I Am a Rustic Heart...

...I've always been. 

How not ending up as one if you have been growing up surrounded by flea market ceramic hand painted lamps, folkloristic objects, and handcrafted furniture? I remember the weekends at my grandfather's. He owned cows, sometimes also goats. Us kids would lose ourselves in his cornfields, mostly barefoot... running until we were out of breath. I remember homemade apple pies, reading second-hand books in front of the chimney, learning how to stitch buttons and how to paint Easter eggs with onion peels and wild flowers. I remember the smell of Marseille soap. My father's favourite. 

I guess I was looking for something sparkling...
...and now I understand that I cannot run away from who I am, the principles I have been taught, and the beauty of simplicity.

To a refund me. With my (well confirmed - no dout) fondness for sparkles, and with my (not deniable) rustic heart.  


küssnacht am Rigi

tiramisu 1
tiramisu 2 
tea bags deco

1. Romeo and Juliet (in my mom's parlor)
2. Easter cuties
3. "Yeeha!"
4. Traditional couture 
5. Rustic heart
6. Fatherland
7. Tiramisù: Cream making love to Savoiardi cookies... making love to fresh coffee. That's Amore!
8. And dusted cocoa on the top makes it all even better!
9. Tea bags art



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