Saturday, February 16, 2013

New in: Stones & Studs

H&M Necklace
jewlery clothesH&M necklace 
Zara wedge sneaker
There is nothing I can do about it: 
when I see metallic details, stones and studs I can't leave my fingers off of them. Actually, I should have seen them enough times to be slowly bored by these trends...but somehow they are still some of the first details that I notice when I enter a shop. 
To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, I had a little tour in the main shopping street of my city to find a treat for myself. The result: an army blouse with "bling bling" effect, a chunky metallic necklace and, finally, the right wedge sneakers I was looking for. For those of you who were wondering if I kept the shoes I had ordered and talked about in my second last post: once I tried them on, I did not like them that much, mostly because of the white fur  (strangely enough, it did not bother me on the online page's picture). But it does not matter at all, because I am loving these ones instead :)!

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