Saturday, November 3, 2012

NYC - Part One

The short trip my babe organized for my birthday was to NYC!
He managed to keep our destination secret until we arrived at the gate. I was so happy and so excited!

Unfortunately, there was a little detail we did not know about until we got there: hurricane Sandy was coming. We managed to enjoy the city as much as we could for the first three days and we still managed to do something during the last two days after Sandy. We visited the southern half of the city: we walked around the historical side, Soho, Tribecca, Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwhich Village and the West Village, we saw Time Square, the MoMa, and Battery Park. But after the hurricane many attractions were closed.

During the hurricane, we had to stay at the hotel, which was in Newport, Jersey City (about 15 minutes far away from Manhattan) with no electricity or running water for one day, after which we decided to risk to get another hotel in the city (which, as you can immagine, was exactly what every other turist was trying to do on that same day). Our hotel helped us book another room in lower Manhattan, but when we arrived we discovered that power had just left that building too and we had to walk around for the streets of NY in search of some vacant room. Luckily, we found a place with power and water. It was not as inviting as the one my boyfriend had booked in Newport, but at least we had a place to stay! Nevertheless, the real vacation really lasted the first three days only.

After the super storm, that is after the floods, the fires and the evacuations, only the mid and upper side if the city was still active and alive. The other sides really reminded more of a ghost city."The show must go on" seemed to be the main message coveyed from the still active parts of the city. Everywhere, the ambience was sad. Everyone was trying to act as normal as possible, keep on working (the New Yorkers and professionals on business trip to NYC) or keep on visiting (the turists), but the truth was that the situation was far from beeing normal. 
We were lucky: we knew that no matter what happened, at a certain point we would eventually go back home. But beside the lack of power and water, several people lost their homes, and many are now struggling with the lost of their businesses.

I will not try to show you any of the Sandy-related pictures we have been taking, but only those that to my eyes describe the vibes of New York and my personal impressions on the nature of the city. 
Hope you will enjoy!



Two outfits: 
1) Coat - Even and Odd * Metallic Pullover - Zara * Jeggins - Tally weijl * Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs * Shawl (on the bag) - Zara * Biker boots - Zalando Collection * Glasses - Fielmann

2) Shawl - Primark * Star necklace and red pants - H&M * Top - H&M Trends * Bangle and bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs * Glasses - Fielmann

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain!"

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  1. Amazing post and great photos! I love so sad what is happening..



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