Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sponsored Video : Viva - The Dancing Cash Machine

You’re going to work after a quick lunch break. You want to draw out money and you search fort he closest cash machine. You see one, you go towards it, you put your card in it.... but the machine does not ask you to insert your pin code, instead, it opens, and a red dressed Anna Rossinelli comes out singing her single “See What You’ve Done“ in all her artistic, boho, young and hip mood.
But it's not just Anna Rossinelli alone; her band is with her: two guitar players step put of the machine. 
You start thinking that the sushi you just had must have been very bad, because you definitely are in the middle of a hallucination. And since the party has already started, the enchanted machine decides that it is time for you to shake that sushi boody of yours to the rythm of Anna’s voice and the two guitar guys (who seem not to have the slightest intention to stop the music), and sends some happily dancing crowd to complete the whole thing.
You dance, they dance, the whole world dances, you're running late for work....but life is good.

And when the song comes to its end, the happy people fade away, Anna and her jolly musicians get back into the magic cash machine, and you are left with your card and your cash.

“Jeez…I am so drawing out money right away again. 
                                  And I am so going to complain about that sushi!”

;) Giorgia 

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