Friday, October 26, 2012

Boots - My Views on this Season's Trends

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Cowboy, bikers, french, with wedge, platform-soled....
no matter what the exact type of boot you will be wearing this fall is, make sure it's not higher than your calf! 

Even though I've ssen some incredibly sexy overknees in some collections for this fall, to me the days of the "I am a wild catwoman and my shoes stop where my bikini zone stars" are just yesterday's stuff.

My overtheknees will definitely stay in the closet this year. What will not just stay in my closet but rather join my other shoes collection will be booties, and in all possible variations. 
 In the picture above, I tried to summarize all types of ancle boots that I highly recommend for this season: cowboys, platform-soiled ancle boots, french booties, bikers, military-inspired combat boots, and booties with wedges. In my opinion, this year's key lenght really is our ancle. 

Should you want to play with the lenght of your boot, why not trying to wear stockings, as in the Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 collection? 

However, and talking about longer boots, a pair of neat and well polished flat equestrian boots always bring a certain preppy chic touch into an outfit. 

And what about your boots this season? Do you agree with my opinion on this fall's boots' trends?




  1. cool boots! i quite like the chic prada boots xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Haaaapppyyyy B'Day my dear Gio! Wish you all the best and hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday! Bacio e abbraccio, Danny

  3. Here I go... Trends is not something I like, for me it always depends on the person. So, I think that high-knee boots are not that bad, wellies tend to be like that and a good pair of leather high boots will always fit some nice skinny jeans! Not taller than the knee in my case, it'd be uncomfortable. On the other hand, flat or high-heeled boots...I wouldn't wear any up to my calves, only covering the middle of my leg because it makes me look shorter (i'm not the thinnest person) so it kinda depends... I'm more of nice/cute shoes and a pair of Martens in case it's incredibly cold, anyway.. hahaahahah


  4. love the Prada ones, and that's not because they are Prada.
    have a stylish week darling
    The Dolls Factory

  5. Love Isabel Marant, Zara and Mulberry boots. I always choose comfortable ones but also fashionable :)
    Love your blog. Kisses!


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