Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autmn Shopping - Part One: The Parade of the Jeans Shirts

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The seasonal change always seem to bring a funny wave of confusion into people's closets: some of them look like they decided that Summer just can't be over yet and stubbornly go on wearing soft dresses and exposing their bare legs, some other already strated showing off their new booties and coats from the newest collctions, openly stating that they are ready to face the new season. Some others are somewhere stuck in indecision: between sandals and leather jackets.

Last week, I wore tights for the fisrt time after the hot season: it was a rainy day, I wanted to wear a dress, and I realized that I would have been freezing on my way to the office at 7:30 a.m. if I did not cover my legs with at least a thin layer of nylon. And bam! I was officially opening my own new wardrobe's season.
Once carefully stored my open wedges, my sundresses, and anything too neon from my closet (bye bye guys, see you in 2013! - that is only if neon will still be a color not only used for text highlightening...), I decided that it was the right time to look forward and get ready for the new season: by go shopping of corse!

The thing I always seem to run out of are tops, and more specifically, everyday trendy but casual tops. Tops to wear at work, tops to go have a drink after work into, tops that one can wear to see a movie, tops to wear at a brunch... tops tops tops!
That's how I bumped into these two jeans shirts: a deep-dye blue and white H&M shirt and a casual chic light blue denim shirt with silky sleeves with leopard motive (my favorite of the two) found at Zara.

Of course, I did not stop myself at blouse nr. 2. I found some other items I will show you later!

What about you and your shopping for the colder season? What are the garments you definitely need to have for the next months?
A very happy shopping to all of you :)!




  1. great choices!both shirts are very fashionable and beautiful.


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