Monday, August 6, 2012

Impressions from Moda Sotto le Stelle


Addy van den Krommenacker

  Stephen Ferradino


Manuela Soldati


   Franco Francesca

The ninth edition of  Moda Sotto le Stelle (Fashion Under the Stars), the international high fashion show organized by the Swiss National Chamber of Fashion (of which I just became official member), presented 120 haute couture creations coming from Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Holland and France.

Annarita Mattei, brought us to the sea with a collection which seemed as if made for mermaids.Sandrine Cressance Mueller presented a refined style reminiscent of Coco Chanel with her Cressance line.Corrado Nai Fovino and his Dado Nai Fovino collection presented sailor's knot belts and necklaces with handmade leather details. Franco Francesca is a real pioneer in eco-chic with its eco-luxe Prêt-à-Porter and Alta Moda collections. He is the very first to have achieved the first wedding dress made out of corn starch, produced entirely by hand.Manuela Soldati, who will soon start her internship at the Addy van den Krommenacker's studio in Milan and in the Netherlands, presented her new collection "Contrastée".Stephen Ferradino, designer from Los Angeles who won a scholarship from the Woodbury University of Burbank stunned with his extraordinary creativity and an interesting concept inspired by the Samurai-dancer. His collection was coupled with the beautiful jewelry brand Valou which has clients such as Madonna, Cher and Demi Lovato. Patrick Garbini and his accessories brand Purest were official partner with beautiful cashmere stoles. 
The most famous of all the designers present at the event was Addy van den Krommenacker. He won the audience with his "Dolce Vita" collection,which has been inspired by the glmour of the Italian cinema of the 60s and 70s.

The event will return next year on the occasion of the 10th year of life of Moda Sotto le Stelle, a truly international event dedicated to high fashion upcoming designers.


  1. amazing dresses!so glam and gorgeous.



  2. that stylish event! The first dress is wonderful!

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  3. great ideas and event! love the white outfit the most!


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