Monday, July 2, 2012

In Paris for Sal Y Limon - Outfit One

tour e 2

And here I am, in Paris for Sal Y Limon at an important fashion exposition: Who's Next.
Here, I organized the decoration of Sal Y Limon's booth and I am representing the brand with other work colleagues. It's a very inspiring place and experience, full of creative minds and fashion experts from all over the world...and on the top of it: I am in Paris!  Even though during these few days I have been here (and I am already leaving in one day) I could not really see much of the town, I can feel the ambience of this spectacular city and its style :)! Amazing!
This is the outfit I wore the first day of the trades show.As always in these occasions, I am using my dear mobile to take my pictures.

detail r&b

Top - Zara
Skirt: H&M (shortened by my mom :))
Cocktail ring - Avant Première
Bangles - Sal Y Limon 
Sandals - Heléne Bilkrantz

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  1. Thanks such an awesome opportunity and experience!
    I'm happy for you and I love the outfit!


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