Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Berlin for the Bread&Butter

Hi guys! 
I am back after seven days of expositions. As you know from the last posts, I travelled to Paris and Berlin for Sal Y Limon, the brand I work for. I was absolutely exhausted, but also super happy, because it went veeery well, which makes me absolutely proud to be part of the SYL team. 
Enjoy these impressions from the Bread&Butter in Berlin :)!

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cup cakes
What you are seeing: 

- My Aqua Green Sal Y Limon bangles set. I adore it!
 - Do you remember the post I made on the Lili Radu campaign? The brand was exposing at the Bread&Butter too and I went visiting the booth. I love her business bags and I love the design of this snake skin leather clutch! 
-Lili Radu's pretty business bags and accessories.
- Leather samples in amazing blue shades.
- Evelyne (marketing and PR), Mehmet (co-owner, production and sales), Raffaella (co-owner, marketing and design), and me (social media and international sales): 4 members of the amazing SYL team :)!
-The SYL booth of Berlin: here too, I was in charge of the decoration of the three tables. Like it :)?
- Lovely cup cakes :)!
 *** xoxo ***


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