Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bikini Time! "La la la la" :)!


Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Yeeeeeee!!!!!
I just found this neon pink bikini and this Aztec patterned bikini top, which I will combine with both the pink bottom of the first bikini, and with the bottom of a black one bought last year at H&M
(this is what I call a smart fashion investment!).
Sun, keep shining! 
Summer, keep exploding! 
Everyone, prepare your softest towels, best suntan lotion, the latest fashion magazines, your coolest sandals, and fanciest sunglasses, because bikini time has finally come!!!

Pink top and bottom : Primark
Aztec patterned top: Primark
Black bottom: H&M


  1. Lovely bikini: I wrote a post about a transform bikini in my blog. I'll wait for your comment ;)))

  2. Cool! :) And maybe you're interested in my pictures from the Schwarzkopf Event?

  3. SO excited for summer weather! Love your bikinis!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

    sorelle in style


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