Friday, April 20, 2012

Brazil Brazil - My Hotel in Ilhabela

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Boa tarde! 
I am in Brazil right now. More precisely, in Ilhabela, a charming island in the State of São Paulo. 
The colors, the air, the tropical ambience,the music,the open people make this place great. During the past few days, I went to several beaches, eaten a loooot of pao di qeijo for breaksfast (yumm!!!), descovered the central village, went for pretty adventurous walks in the forest, where I had the chance to see colibris (I love them!) and other funny animals, and, last but not least, I enjoyed the hotel, Real Vila Bela, which is absolutely beautiful. 
I wanted to share a few pictures of it before showing you more impressions from here. Istn't it the perfect place for some relaxing holidays? I am loving the inner decoration and the tropical chic atmosphere that sorrounds it! 

Até breve people :)!


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  2. Beautiful!!! I wish I were there, too ;)))

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