Monday, March 5, 2012

Visit @ Avart, Fashion and Design Store


Assy, an old friend of mine, invited me to her fashion & design boutique in Lugano: 
All pieces are of high quality, impecable taste, and have been chosen with a skilled and sophisticated eye. Among the brands in the store there are names such as by Malene Birger, See by Chloé, fiorentini+baker, glowybow, Histoires de Parfum, and ango.
I investigated every corner of the store and found some little big treasures. 

In the pictures: 
The cream light jacket with its fine leather belt is a piece by forteForte. 
I absolutely loved the way it wrapped me as if I was in a soft coocoon. Plus, it is exactly the kind of jacket I like to wear with my skinnies: long and loosy but construcuted (I love skinnies, but one "tight&squeezy" item is enough for my body. A) it's not comfortable, B) trust me, unless you have the size of a supermodel, it most probably won't look that good on you ;)! And it surely would not look good on me :)! C) the contrast of stretchy and loosy is much cooler than any other possible combination. So: thumbs up for long and loosy but constructed jackets!

The black short jacket is an Iliaria Nistri Design. 
Her style is rather goth, and with a very sophisticated touch.

The accessories of Radà were my absolute faves. They are colorful, playful and glittery, but still very very chic :).
More fashion, more design and more pictures will follow tomorrow :)!



  1. such a lovely shop!!!thanks for sharing dear!!!

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