Friday, March 23, 2012

Moustaches Have Never Looked so Cute!

Baffi con me


tazza bacio


tazza baffi me

tutte tazze 

Definitely a current love: Peter Ibruegger cheeky and charming moustache mugs.
It is impossible not to want them all!
The creator wanted to achieve something of high quality, but affordable and appealling to everyone. His visions became reality in the form of the original mugs in the last picture above.  
The idea behind this everyday design object is to give you the possibility to enjoy masquerading behind your favorite character moustache: Fu-Magnum, Mustafa-Chaplin, and Morice-Poirot.
Peter was so kind as to send me this lovely Morice-Poirot Mug with sugar bowler hat that I absolutely adore. Thank you Peter! 
Isn't it adorable?
Discover more super funny and cute Peter Ibruegger designs and products here. 
 So worth it!

Have a lovely evening everyone!



  1. Ma che carine le tazze "baffute": le vogliooooo!!!

  2. i love the pictures, they're so cute especially the cups.


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