Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Project: GvNStyleCoach on Spocal

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A brand new project has just started: I am the new Style Coach of Spocal, a young social network media where like-minded students can exchange ideas and chat about anything going on at their university and outside. 
The new feature brought by Spocal is that, unlike most of the well known social network media like Facebook or Twitter, everything remains anonimous, so that anyone can openly ask antyhing or talk about any theme without having to feel observed by his/her entire entourage. 
In my case, questions like: "I want to buy a necklace like this and that for my girlfriend, and I don't know where to find it" (which you most probabaly wouldn't post on your facebook wall) can be asked in all tranquillity. 

Thank you so much to the founders of Spocal to invite me to be part of this!
I'm so excited to help anyone with any style problem!

I wish you all a very stylish evening!

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  1. Unfortunately anonymity is losing more and more importance since facebook. ;) I like the idea of a social network doing it different!


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