Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flaska Laverne: My Faves Bags from the SS 2012 Collection

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The Spanish brand Flaska Laverne, which I also spotted at the Bread&Butter in Berlin, fascinated me because of its vers cute and feminine handbags, of course, but also because fo their philosophy: the bags are manifactured by skilled artisans in Andalucia, where the traditional techniques to work with leather have been passed down generation over generation. 

My absolute number one? The little hard clutch with the butterfly on one edge and the color-blocking style. So lovely, but also so chic with its hard golden shell. 

Which one among my faves do you like the most?

Happy weekend :)!


  1. I didn't know about this brand. I should check it out! :)

    Destination Moi

  2. Really love your blog - i've followed!

    Great bags!

    Jenna Fifi x

  3. lovely bags.xx

  4. There is a family history behind that name.

  5. I really like the content of your post. . .thanks a lot for showing it to us . . . wellhead compression


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