Monday, January 9, 2012

More Sales Purchases - Missoni & Jil Sander


Hey ya!
I've got some new entries to show you! Both are outlet purchases. The first one is a Missoni yellow short jacket, the second one a wintery Jil Sander wool belt, wich perfectly matches with a blazer of mine bought at Zara (you've already seen it here and here) as it has the same green shade on it.
The belt was really just a spontaneous lucky find. I saw it, loved it, and bought it.  
But the jacket has a longer story: I had seen it in a long time ago, and I found it incredibly cute, with its bright yellow, the golden threads, the short cut...But, the prize way to high of course. After all, it was a Missoni jacket! Well, I found it again a couples of days ago in a Missoni outlet, and could not leave it at the shop for the second time! It had to be destiny ;)! And this time the prize was really ok...So there really were no reasons not to buy it. It has immediately become one of my closet's favourite pieces :)! Can't wait to wear it this spring!

What about you guys? Have you found something you were long dreaming of during these sales too?
Happy sales to you all ;)!


  1. That jacket is incredible! So jelaous :)

  2. Ottimi acquisti! Anche noi ci siamo date ai saldi
    Passa dal nostro blog a dare un'occhiata!

  3. Beautiful picks! The colour of jacket is amazing! like a late afteroon sun! And the bracelet is adorable!
    I snaged a pair of gorgeous YSL heels during sales! Love`em!;)



  4. the jacket is simply fabulous....nothing else!!!

    a kiss from the

  5. the jacket is fantastic!

  6. Such a cute crop jacket! It'll go a long way in your wardrobe. The color is especially lovely


    Check us out please!

  7. congrats on the jacket, it's beautiful! x


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