Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bread&Butter - Impressions from the Tradeshow

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Hey guys! How are you? 
I'm back!!!!!
I had a very very veeery full week at the Bread and Butter in Berlin with Sal Y Limon, the brand I work for (the bangles in the third picture :)) .
It has been a very fruitful and interesting week, full of work but also fun, with loooong days, and in which work has had the absolute priority of course. 
The bad thing about this was, of course, that I did not find any time for posting....
But I'm back! I came home this morning and I am willing and ready to share with you some impressions.  
More pictures of my week at the BBB are coming soon! Promised!!!

Have a great Saturday!
A biiiig fat hug to you all!!!!!!


  1. great post!!!!
    Do you like my Outfit?

    <3 Anja

  2. Looks amazing!

  3. great post :)

  4. Thanks for your positive comments girls :)!

    @Anja: I like your outfit dear :)!



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