Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy New Dreams!

Happy new year!!!

Here we are: a few hours away from a brand new year. 
New Year's Eve always puts me in a melancholic mood. It is the day of the year in which you have to say goodbye to all the memories, impressions, and feelings from the old year. 
And even if there's always something yo are glad to leave behind you, there are other things that you wish to see and feel again in the new year. At the end, it's all about taking stock of your situation and realizing what were your successes as well as failures. But most of all, it's realizing what you wish will happen in the upcoming year, all the things you haven't done and still want to do, all the dreams you still wish to fulfill. 
In a way, it's like having your birthday: you realize that life is short, and that you have to make the best out of it, and live it at its deepest. Everything else is a waste of time.
So happy happy happy 2012 everyone! 
Let's live it and rock it ;)! 


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  1. Happy new year cara! See you soon, big hug! Danny

  2. I'm definitely with you! :) The start of the new year makes me very excited for the future things to come, but it also makes me a little bit nostalgic because I'm always the one to look back onto memories and good times and then feel sad about it! =P You can say it's a habit! But 2012 is the year to finally do you what dream of and start fresh! :) Happy New Year to you! :]


  3. Happy New Year dear!
    I hope you have an amazing year full of happiness, success and joy! I'm excited to see your new 2012 posts;)
    You've asked me whether you can post some pics from my blog... Of course you can! My pleasure;)I'd be glad if you do so and let me know, I'm curious;)

    Once more have a wonderful year!




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