Monday, October 17, 2011

Musical Post - "Jesus Christ Superstar"

"Tell me what you think about your friends at the top.
Who'd you think besides yourself's the pick of the crop?
Buddha, was he where it's at? Is he where you are?
Could Mohammed move a mountain, or was that just PR?
Did you mean to die like that? Was that a mistake, or
Did you know your messy death would be a record breaker?"

Jesus Christ Superstar is definitely one of my favorite musicals ever. The thing is that as much as I love the movie, I didn't appreciate the modern musical shown in theatre. Why? Because it totally lost its hippie and rock festival-like touch.
I think that the real power of this musical lies in the representation of Jesus as a kind of Rock Star fallen into commerciality and overwhelmed by the craze of too many fans who didn't really understand the message he originally wanted to give, and that didn't see that, after all, he was just a human beeing ("just a man", as Mary magdalene sings).
In fact, I like it because it questions the true nature of the man on whose dids and words (or what we think he did and said) the Western culture has been built.

And...I mean, Judas's white costume with extra long fringes? I would totally wear it!

Have a great day folks :)!
xoxo Giorgia


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