Sunday, October 9, 2011



Coffeetable, green details, and a lot of light


More green, memories from a special vacation in Spain and a picture of me at the age of three with my pajamas and crazy hair.


Coach, magazines and coat - the perfect rainy days kit


I love candles!


Dining area


This beautiful and puffy pumpkin is a gift from my BF's mom. She's got an amazing garten where she grows yummie vegetables. I'm looking forward to eat it in a nice homemade supe :).

Hi guys! Today I had the cosiest day.
I was at home, chilling and enjoying the visit of a good friend who came for a hot cup of tea, biscuits and a good chat :).
I really needed a relaxing weekend, and I am so excited about my upcoming holidays! Nine days to go! Jey!
The pictures show some details from the apartement I share with my BF.
I wish you guys a cosy Sunday evening!

XOXO Giorgia

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  1. Hi Giorgia ; watch this

    thank you !!! xoxo


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