Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Short Post on Three New Belts and the Next Trips


Hello there :)! How are you guys?
I wanted to show you three new purchases: all belts. I think that they can totally make the difference in an outfit. The silver one is futuristic and can be added on some chic rock'n roll outfit. The leopard print one definitely presents one of the biggest trends of the last few seasons (including the current one, of course), and I love the way it can booster the simplest all-black or all-white looks, and it can make a color-blocking combination even more interesting and daring.The patent leather skin colored one adds even more sweetness and a lady-like touch to pastels and shades of white.

Latley, I've been quite busy with work: today I'm starting a business trip and I'm going to Paris , where I will stay just one night and one day. I'm all scheduled, but I'm taking my small camera with me and I really really hope that, while running from one part of the city to another I'll be able to capture some impressions...we'll see. Anyway, work comes first, so I'm not promising anything :).
I am sure I'll be able to take a looooooooot of cool pics in Malaga (Spain) though. I'm spending my next holiday (in October) there. So get ready for that ;)!

A big big hug and wish me good luck in France!

Silver belt : Mango
Leopard print belt: Globus
Skin colored patent leather belt: Jil Sander


  1. I love all belts! Have fun in Paris =)

  2. i love your jil sander belt! it will be perfect for Paris. your life sounds amazing ^_^

  3. all three of them are very beautiful!
    lovely choices :)


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