Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Essentials


During the past month, every time I opened my bag to grab something I was always pleased by the bright colors which popped out of it.
I liked them so much that I had to make a picture of my handbag's content and share it with you guys :).

My bag's essentials:

H&M umbrela (you never know...)
H&M bananas mini-bag (Here I keep a coouple of pens...I'm so afraid they could open in the bag and ruin the rest of its content that I had to buy a cute mini-bag just for them)
Zara Leather Purse
Fake crocodile skin visit cards holder (I'm so into crocodile and snake skin prints right now!!!)
My I-phone for work
My new 50s shades (from Fizzen)
Essence oil control paper (veeeeeeery important!)
Essence pink lip gloss
Mentos fruity chewing gums

Have a wonderful Saturday people :)!

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  1. das bild gset mega cool us!
    ich wot all die sache :D

    <3 anja

  2. wow, diese knalligen farben sind ja echt toll!

    xx //

  3. Tolles Bild!
    Aber den Essence 'Stay' Gloss mag ich irgendwie nicht so... Ich finde, es kommt zu wenig auf die Lippen und halten tut er auch nicht so lange:/

    Aber das Bananen-Täschchen hab ich auch, sieht so toll aus!:D

    Liebs Grüessli, Tamara

  4. Hey girls! Thank you for your comments!!!
    I find this picture lovely too :).
    @Tamara: Echt? Ich liebe diese Linie von Essence! Es ist schon der zweite 'Stay'Lipgloss den ich kaufe!

    A big hug to all of you :)!!!


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