Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Hairstyle

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I am a woman. And as a woman, I permanently feel the need to change my hairstyle. If it's messy I want it serious, if it's long I want it shorter, when it's shorter I want it longer, and when it's straight I want it curly...A neverending story (do you know it too ;)?).
Well, this is exactly the way I was feeling during the last days. So I decided that it was time to leave my straight hair phase and replace it with a sweeter curly style. It took me forever to decide to choose it as my every-day hair style. The reason for this? It takes me precisely one hour and a half to get this (!!!!!!!!!!). I mean...that's one hour more than the usual amount of time I am used to invest in my hairstyling... But, at the end, isn't it worth it?
These are some pictures I took with my I-phone. The quality is what it is, but I hope you will like the content ;)!

Have a great weekend beauties!


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  1. Love the haircut. I'm following. Follow back?

  2. Hi G
    Love your styles and this is true that we need our style to change for long to short and straight to curly. all hair beauty supply are to make us this want to fill.


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