Sunday, August 21, 2011

At the Flea Market

flohmi 007

As already mentioned yesterday, as true flea market lovers, my friend Evi and I decided to clean up our closets and sell our old clothes at the Fritschi flea market in Zurich.
It was fun :)!

flohmi 004

flohmi 008

flohmi 029

flohmi gio

flohmi 039

flohmi 040

flohmi 052

flohmi 054

flohmi 058

flohmi 055

flohmi 057

flohmi 061
I was wearing:

Panama hat - World Cup
T-shirt and embellished flip flops - Zara
Studded cuff- Big
Denim shorts - Topshop
Tote bag - bought in Milan


  1. Oh tolli Bilder!! Hamer no überleit obi au go söll... bis de aber leider nüm dezue ko =(

    tolle Blog hesch und drum hesch ez en follower me =D witer so

  2. Das muss man mal im Leben machen! It's really fun!

    Danke für die herzliche Wörter!
    I'm followng back!


  3. I <3 flea markets, always the most amazing finds are there - for cheap xx

  4. sehr schöni föteli! ich liebe flohmis :))

    lueg doch mal bi mir verbi, oder bi swiss fashion bloggers bi facebook.. mir hend es neus projekt und suechet de summer look 2011 :)


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