Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend in Milano Marittima - Random Impressions

Hi everyone! How you doin'?
I made a short trip to Milano Marittina with my big sis Sibilla and Luana, a friend of hers, to Milano Marittima, in Italy. I needed to escape from the grayness and anti-summerness (I know it's not English, but it perfectly summarizes the ambience of Zurich during the last weeks. I could start crying right now, thinking of it!!!!) that was obscuring the Northern city I live in. So when my sister (isn't she beautiful :)?) asked me if I wanted to join her and Luana for a short trip to the sea I immediately accepted.
And so we ended up in a part of Italy where party basically never stops, and where we got busy drinking Aperol sprits and frozen margaritas, eating Piadinas with squaccherone (for those of you who never heard of it, it's a wonderful kinf of cheese typical of the region), sunbathing, and dancing until our feet hurt like hell (altough I have to thank my wonderful Mango plateau sandals, which I brought along with me, and which are still the best investment ever made since they are the most comfy high heels -12 cm! - I ever had the pleasure to wear).
The quality of the pictures is not always the best, sorry for that. I hope you get to feel the good wibes that were enshrouding us anyway!

vacanzine e porte 006

vacanzine e porte 013

vacanzine e porte 001

vacanzine e porte 016

vacanzine e porte 018
My sister Sibilla, me, and Luana

vacanzine e porte 020

foto (5)

vacanzine e porte 002

vacanzine e porte 023

P.s. I want more!!! (Salted water in my hair, piadina, Aperol sprits, strawberry margaritas, summery music, dancing 'til the break of down, sun on my skin, bikini mark on my body, Italian ice cream, sand in my shoes, party mood, ...)

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