Thursday, June 16, 2011

Opening of the First European Femi9 Store

I was kindly invited for the opening of the first European flagshipstore of Femi9, a well-known Saudi Arabian label which has 50 stores in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Barhain.
Racha Fajjari, who also modelled for the S/S 2011 campaign of the label, opened her own Femi9 store in Seefeld, Zurich.
The collection of this summer is full of pastel nuances as well as bright colors like blue, yellow or orange. The presented cuts follow the Western trends of the last seasons, but the ethnic touch of the prints and the accessorises still remind of the Oriental influence and provenience of the brand.
Worth checking out! Especially if you're looking for something not to expensive, trendy, very feminine, and not worn by everybody (a huuuuuuuuuge plus, especially thinking about Switzerland's usual labels, right girls? ;) ).
Enjoy the photos!

The beautiful Racha Fajjari wearing Femi9, of course.

Me, checking out a beautiful bright blue gown, with my new Zara silk kimono, my good old golden leather H&M handbag and a good glass of champagne.

Femi9, Zimmergasse 10, 8008 Zurich

-Thank you to Stefano, who take some of the pictures above-


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