Tuesday, June 28, 2011

High Style Factor - Louise Roe

The first thing I love about this woman is the energy and the positivity she conveys with her appearance.
Her love for colors and motives also give her style happiness and joy of life. Exactly what many of us could use every now and then instead of following sad and rigid habits that cover us in black and white. And, I must admit, I have to speake for myself too here: I'm often in black and white myself, but Louise's style has this ability to inspire me to look for more color! Her playful way of wearing all kinds of different shapes of hats often gives her look more individuality and pep.
But what's also very important when looking at her style and look is her (..hem hem...) English smile, which, btw, is always perfectly white (new habits taken up in the US, perhaps Louise ;)?), and as imperfect as it is , it is a real welcoming, nice and funny pecularity that makes her...well...what Miss Louise Roe is: just adorable!

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  1. She's amazing!
    Love her style x

    I was also wondering if you have voted for me yet? Its for an elle magazine contest :D!
    It only takes 5 seconds, would be so nice! :D
    Just go to Elle and Nokia Page and press 'I like'. Thank you! xx


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