Thursday, November 4, 2010

Volunteering as Dresser for the Charles Vögele Fashion Days Zurich 2010: Impressions

This morning, I worked as dresser
in the backstage of the Charles Vögele Fashion Days Zurich 2010 show
dedicated to the upcoming Swiss designers.
Since the organizers of the event made clear that taking pictures was not allowed, and respecting their policy, I'm not going to show you any photos, I'm afraid. Not that I had the possibility to take any! I wasn't even able to take my camera with me!
However, beside my obliged abstinence from my camera, helping Patricia (the model I was assigned to) change clothes, lacing shoes and fastening dresses, making sure that she was wearing the right shoes for the right outifit and running after her to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be was a truly funny, interesting and new experience I am glad to have done.
In the backstage, during, before, and after the show, I had the opportunity to have a taste of the ambience during such an event as well as to actually become aware of the amount of work that has to be done during a fashion show.

The designers that presented their collections were

Aleksandra Wisniewska (very feminin!)

Aluar Balagan (experimentalist, fascinating, for those who dare)

Toujours Toi-Family Affairs (such a cute collection! With a touch of love for vintage)

Redley Exantus (Such a nice person! Probably my favorite collection of today's show!)

and Portenierroth (my second favorite, sexy sexy sexy, great patterns and great cuts!)
Check their sites out, 'cause at least one of them is going to be a big name!

All in all, it has been a great enriching experience which I would be happy to repeat!


  1. That must've been so much fun! I think it's so cool that they also gave you a t-shirt.

  2. wow.. i always wanted this kinda job..
    so sad you culdnt take pictures.

  3. Usem Pieces Lade z Züri:)
    Wägem Kaffi...Ich muess nögst Wuche mini ersti Semiarbeit abgäh, aber nochär würdi mi mega drüber freue, wenn mer en Kaffi würde go trinke:)

  4. I've always want this job, its a good experience
    Thanks for sharing

  5. It was a really enriching experience. If you have the possibility, apply for any fashion week. They always need volunteers!


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