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Fall / Winter 2010-11 - The Trends, Part II

Question II: What's staying?

Fall / Winter 2010-11 - The Trends, Part II

Fall / Winter 2010-11 - The Trends, Part II von Giorgia von Niederhäusern, topshop shorts enthaltend

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Caramel faux fur gilet
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Suede Pleat Shorts
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Loree Rodkin Lacy Bondage Ring
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Sand felt floppy hat
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FÖRSTA BILDERNA: Hösten på H&M - Glamour

As already mentioned, many are the trends that are staying for the cold season.

Military look is definitely one of them: double breasted jackets, epaulets, massive boots, parkas, as well as olive green and earth tones are not going to leave us for a while!
Luckily enough, one of the best investments a woman can do is still among the top favorites of this autumn: the trench! The same can be said for fur and faux fur vests.
Retro style is still a big trend, and the Seventies are a great source of infuence this season. I love the ethnic-chic style of that time, with large hats and fabulous boots. Great ethnic jewellery, in fact, stays during the cold season: I am particularly in love with headbands, great cuffs and statments rings.
Leather is everywhere, so take your suede shorts you bought for spring and wear it wear it wear it!
You can do the same with EVERYTHING you have with animal print: it's gonna be EVERYWHERE!
Leggings are still there to cover our legs. However, they are becoming more and more embellished with patterns and applications. So use your old ones during your yoga class, and let your legs state something!
Clutsches never go out of fashion, but the new designers' collections presented a real clutch-fever. Let's get hot!
For what concerns shoes, just like during last winter, every height is in: from ancle boots to over-the-knee boots, everything still works. Wedges, one of the most important trends of this summer are staying, too (and our feet are thankful). Oxford shoes are also accompaining us as the wintery sobstitute of our dear ballerinas.
Regarding jeans, the summer trends are not fading away (so I'l still be wearig my favorites: skinnies and bfs). And hey! Don't put your denim shorts in the summer box, 'cause you're gonna use them a lot! Moreover, the denim mania has not died yet! So don't forget your jeans jackets and shirts!
Last but not least: highlighted shoulders still rock! So put your shoulder pads under any top you got!

In the collage, there are some of my favorite trends.

Enjoy the new season :) !!!


  1. Wow great picks my dear...

    those are lovely pieces!!!


  2. Thanks! I love each and every one of them!


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