Monday, August 9, 2010


Well, yes! I am talking about CHEESE (!) on my fashion and style blog.
The thing is: how can you not adore this cute cheese forms with Dutch modern-folk motives?
I hereby declare: not only cupcakes and lollipops can look cute!
I think Miss Marinde van Leeuwen from Asterdam had a splendid idea. And as a Swiss girl who cannot live without cheese I just had to share this.

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  1. Mmm! I love cheese and these designs are so cute!

  2. Wow die sind ja echt cool! Jetzt ist nur noch die Frage ob sie auch so gut schmecken wie sie aussehen :-) Aber eigentlich ist es ja eh viel zu schade, sowas schönes anzuschneiden...

    LG Ramona

  3. @ Jen: I find them cute too :)!
    @ Ramona: Ich wette die sind super lecker!

  4. Mmmh, cheese... Imagine a world without cheese... wouldn't be a happy one.

    These are really cute, almost too cute to eat :-)

    Greetings over from the food section ;-)

  5. Hey there kitchen lady!
    Long time no see!
    Whta about a coffee? (Maybe without cheese);P.

  6. Coffee goes with chocolate of course ;-)
    How about lunch at the beginning of next week? I guess, Danny sent you an sms already.


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