Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dedicated to All Future Moms

Nicole Richie with belly in 2009.

A friend of mine asked me to wirte a post dedicated to the styling of women during their pregnancy. Here are some pieces of advice for those who have a little bun in the oven :).

- Maternity clothes can work, but you do not have to stick to them. You can wear other things. Just buy it in one or two sizes bigger.
- Matternity does not mean having to look boring. No need to hide it: many women do not feel as atractive as they used to feel before and yes, it is more difficult to find the right style (the feet are swallen, your breast is swallen, ...) but, girl you have to "fight for your right" to fell pretty and good in your skin...
- why not satisfy your cravings for trends in those that are the relatively inexpensive shops (H&M is one of the best examples here)!
It is important to keep in mind that part of what you're wearing during your pregnancy will not be used again. In a way, on the one hand, you have the right to go for the latest trends as your clothes will not be used again ayway. On the other hand, if you're planning to have another baby and to wear the same clothes again, try to buy clothes that have a classical touch and go for trends for those things you know you'll be wearing also right after the birth of you baby and that can upgrade such classical pieces: accessories are the best way. In this case, your accessories can cost a bit more; after all, you'll be wearing them for a while.
- For lingerie: I wouldn't recommend to spend too much. You know you won't wear the same pieces for years and years.
- One last thing: look for pictures of pregnant celebs. They have the opportunity to be styled by the best stylists during any period and for any event in their life. You probably don't, but you can take inspirations for your own looks from the work of these artists. Take advantage of it!

All the best to Stella& Sam and their sweet future daughter.
I wish you guys all the best!



  1. i love this post. I've written a similar post before Fabulously bumpy

    Join our giveaway to win a fabulous dress. :)

  2. I love this post my dear...I have so many blogger friends who are expecting their little ones soon...

    Nicole Richie is one of my favorite preggy and stylish moms ever!!!

    take care love

  3. Great post! I've always said that I would continue to be fashionable even when I'm pregnant!

  4. grazie giorgia :) baci, stella

  5. Thank you guys!

    Figurati Stella!


    GvN - Giorgia


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