Monday, March 29, 2010

Streetstyles of the month

Floriana, 24, from Lugano and Geneva, met at Soho lounge bar in Lugano

Earrings: H&M, 5 Swiss francs

Scarf: borrowed form mom's closet

Jacket: Zara, bought in Barcelona

Handbag: Bally, vintage, borrowed from mom's closet

Gloves: Primark, bouth in London, 6 pounds

T-shirt dress: H&M, 50 Swiss francs

Shoes: Zara, 60 Swiss francs

Mom seems to have a nice collection of accessories ;)!
I loved her gloves and by now you should have understood that I got a crush on blazers and jackets! Looks like we share the same love! T-shirt dresses are a real trend right now, and I also like the way she shoes her tights under her sandals.
All in all: just impecable!

Telma (with Valentino), Switzerland, met in Via Nassa in Lugano

Stole: bought at Les Griffes boutique , Locarno

Coat: bought at Les Griffes boutique, Locarno

Long skirt: bought in Ponte Tresa, Italy

Bag: Bluegirl, bought at Poggioli boutique, Lugano

Telma had a very interesting gothic-chic aura when I met her on the street in the shopping area of Lugano. The stole is really cute to me.

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  1. wow! i just blogged about her and now I'm seeing another fab putfit of her. thanks for sharing :)


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