Friday, March 12, 2010

Grey dye? Mmm...

Pixie Geldof's gray hair

A new trend has been spreading since the last seasons among fashionistas all over the world. The extremely young, popular and influential blogger Tavi Gevinson wears them. It-girl and trendsetter Pixie Geldof went for them too. I'm talking about those gray (sometimes also with some pastel colors as light blue or violet, for example) streaks that are taking place on the head of young (in Tavi's case, veeery young) followers of fashion's last trends.
I love fashion, but looking at this new invention, the only thing that comes into my mind is a big "No thanks".

I've seen some elderly women refraining from dye and looking absolutely beautiful in all their white wise halo. I might be conservative and traditionalist here (something that, by the way, I never thought I could suggest about myself), but in my opinion gray hair on young women and teens really means taking away beauty and freshness from them .

A bit confused, I thought to myself that there must have been some atristic message behind it that I just couldn't get: I needed to find an answer to this artistic bewilderment.
The answer came to me from an article of the Times Online: "The New Gray Hair Trend", in which the author Hanna Hanra states: "...[T]his is not only about silver foxettes going au naturel. This is a youth movement: from east London’s cool set to models on the Paris catwalks, women are throwing the tonsorial rulebook out of the window and going with the grey.
[...] 'We had all been blonde for a long time,' says Brownsell, who tends the tresses of east London’s fast crowd, as well as the X Factor contestants and a few select A-list clients. [...]'We became obsessed with it being as white as possible, a mania we called ‘blonde-orexia’.' Eventually, the fixation led to grey dye. 'I really liked it, so, rather than bleaching it out, I kept it,' she says. 'I quite like looking like a granny. I dress a bit like one, too.'"
Hanra also quotes Kate Shillingford, Pugh’s show stylist and fashion editor at Dazed & Confused, who claimed that " [i]t wasn’t [...] intended as any kind of social comment: 'It was a visual thing, an idea of tone on tone, and the hair had to be part of that.'"

"Tone on tone", uh?
"Been blond for a long time"...I see.
"(Q)uite like looking like a granny"...OK....

So, if I got it right, it's "merely" a matter of aesthetics.
Mmmm. Well, I still don't think it's pretty, I still think it's actually hateful, so again "No thanks". And that's my final answer.

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  1. To Dye your hair is a personal choice. I am 49 with LOTS of gray hair an i chose not to dye my hair. I tell you why. I was told to dye hair your hair has to be somewhat long to get the shade you select. Since i cut my hair short all the time, i Found that it is impossible to get the color on my hair. And honestly, I do not like to go through the process of dying!!!


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