Monday, February 8, 2010

How to create your own Margiela sweater...

...with eight pairs of socks!
The magazine created and curated by the Maison Martin Margiela A Magazine provides its readers with a six-paged handbook to create a sweater designed by Martin Margiela.

On A blog, the blog run by the Maison, is stated: "With budgets tight and companies feeling the sting of recession, it is not often that you can expect hidden extras, let alone DIY tips in a fashion magazine these days. A brand’s sense of identity, their signature cuts, silhouettes and logos are their equity and play such a vital role in establishing them in the global fashion sphere. So why unveil the secrets? Why diffuse this essence? With the fear of seeming too profound, ask Maison Martin Margiela. This is exactly what they did in A#1, offering readers the chance to make their own Margiela-inspired garment. (...) Modelled on the Stockman mannequin that is so ubiquitously Margiela, this entire idea resonates well with the deconstructive notions of the house, and the subversion of any commercial goals – by offering a taste of their world, for the price of a few pairs of socks".

I'm sure you'll appreciate their philosophy as much as I do.
Let's get eight pair of white socks and start cutting and sewing then :-)!

P.s. A Magazine is really fascinating. It's worth reading!

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