Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Did you know that....

Black Book was founded in Sweden in 2008 by André Lorenz Stock who started producing t-shirts in his kitchen using a plain H&M white t-shirt, a pack of transferpapper and a hot iron?

"I was fresh out of high school", told he once during an interview, " and without any perspective for a future career. I made myself a t-shirt and people started asking me about it on the street. That's when I thought of creating my own label".

Thanks to blogs and magazines, the Black Book limited t-shirts became more and more famous among fashion insiders.
Lately, the young label worked in collaboration with another Swedish popular brand from which André Lorenz Stock took the row material for his creations: H&M. Together with the latter, he organized a contest in which the best pictures sent form privates could win the chance to have their images printed on Black Book t-shirts. These are going to be exposed and sold in H&M shops by the end of April 2010.
The picture above shows one of my favourites among the Black Book items.


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