Sunday, January 10, 2010


One of my favorites things to do during the free time is helping friends and family members styling. Be it the serach for an outfit for a special occasion or be it a general wardrobe updating, I'm always more than happy to help them out.
What I usually do with my "customers", after having pulled the right outfit together, is to do some sketches of the entire look on a sheet of paper with some notes describing the details. Should the "what shall I wear today" question come, s/he can just give a glance to the sketches and pick the right clothes without having to waste hours and hours trying a hundred different looks.
Recently, I've allowed myself a styling afternoon to find some new combinations for three pieces of mine. The following pictures show the result of my creative research.

First piece to combine: short dress by Zara



Combination nr.1: evening out
Blazer: Pinko, dress: Zara, necklace and handbag: Primark, tights: H&M, belt and shoes: vintage

Combination nr.2: casual chic during the day
Glasses: Chanel, dress: Zara, necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, cardigan: Zara, bag: from the market (Como, Italy), bracelets: mixture of vintage wooden ones and metallic ones, tights: H&M, shoes: Cube

The second piece to combine: gipsy chic dress by Mango

Thinking ...

Combination nr.1: passepartout
The yellow shoes work for the day while the blazer makes it more elegant

Blazer: Pinko, dress: Mango, necklace: Avant Premiere, cocktail ring: Accessories, tights: H&M, handbag: Primark, shoes: Vögele Shoes

Combination nr.2: perfect for snowy days in the city
Bonnet: vintage, blazer: Pinko, necklace: Avant Premiere, cocktail ring: Accessories, handbag: Primark, overknees: Via Maestra

The third piece to combine: elegant skinnies by H&M

Creative chaos

Combination nr.1: ready to dance!
Necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, t-shirt, trousers and shoes: H&M, clutch and stockings: C&A,

"I'm so cool"..."Ok, maybe not!"

Combination nr.2: chic meets street
Bolero, t-shirt, shoes and trousers: H&M, necklace: Thomas Sabo with vintage pendant, belt: vintage, stockings: C&A, handbag: Jean-Cahrles de Castel Bajac

If you need any help reorganize your wardrobe, find the right outfit, or smart shopping, just let me know! It's always a pleasure!

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  1. ehi baby u re just amazing!!!!
    i love your style, which is not that far from mine..
    but i have to say that u have always make a good choice in matching!!!
    love the yellow shoes with the mango dress...
    i d like to help me with my messy wardrobe!!! :)))


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