Monday, December 28, 2009

The second-hand shop experiment: part 1

Last month, I went with my girlfriend for second-hand shops discovery.
It is incredible how many of these shops there are in Zurich!
In one of the shops, I asked the sales lady where exactly did they take the pieces from, and whether they were taking also material from privates. When she answered that they collected the clothes from both factories and privates, my curiosity increased.
The lady gave me a fact sheet on which all the "rules of the game" were written. To sum up, the clothes have to be as good as new, cleaned and as up-to-date as possible. No famous brands are required although they are recommended. The number of pieces one can show at a time is ten. In order to show the pieces one would like to sell, an appointment has to be made. The prices are going to be discussed together with the manager/owner of the shop. Should the items be sold within six weeks, 50% of the price will go to the previous owner. One condition: if, after the six weeks have passed, some of the clothes hasn't been sold, the owner has to collect them all. If not, the clothes will be property of the shop.
Fair enough! I said to myself that I had to try this for at least two reasons: A) I'm a student, thus cash is something that I always need; B) even if I shouldn't manage to sell a thing, what's there to lose?
A week later, I was at my parents', where my "I-don't-wanna-wear-it-now" closet is, looking for things to sell. I found more than ten pieces. Things I did not want to throw away because I knew the could work again one day, some things are of really good quality, some others less but still in trend...things that somehow I don't like to wear and did not wear in the past couple of years or that just don't really fit me. Maybe it's time they can be useful to my purse, if not to my wardrobe! Shouldn't they get sold, they'll return in my closet at my parents' place and maybe, one day, I'll be able to wear them again (you know about my familiar tradition of creating our own vintage, don't you?).
With various clutches, a vintage bag, a bow broach, lot of sequin, harem pants, an old D&G pullover and more prepared for their new life, I called the shop to get an appointment.
On January the 8th, I'll bring my ten pieces to the shop. Wish me good luck!


Unfortunately, in the cute little old house in the mountains I'm going to stay in during the next days it's impossible to get any internet access, so I won't be able to blog until Sunday/Monday. Therefore, I wish you all happy new year and I'll see you guys in 2010 :)!


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