Sunday, November 22, 2009

Streetstyle of the week

Janice, 25, Switzerland, met in Lugano

Biker Jacket: H&M, 70 Swiss francs

Shawl: H&M, 14 Swiss francs

Top: a gift

Cardigan: H&M, 40 Swiss francs

High waist belt: Vero Moda, 14 Swiss francs

Skirt: H&M, 50 Swiss francs

Leggings: Manor, 40 Swiss francs

Shoes: H&M, 50 Swiss francs

Necklace: Vero Moda, 20 Swiss francs

The first thing I noticed about Janice, was the way her lively and rocky outfit fitted with her hair cut and style. Furthermore, I think she managed well to pimp some basics (the black leggings or the black top and cardigan) with some more eye-catching pieces: the blue high waist skirt with the high waist belt and the biker jacket. A cool style for a young girl.

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