Monday, November 2, 2009

The perfect décolleté

Ok, now, let's be honest: what's one of the parts of our body that we girls of every age try to work on the most when it comes to dress up? ...Exactly! Here are some suggestions to reach the perfect effect!

Case 1. " Woho! Somebody has curves here"!

If you'd like to appear less curvy than you are or you just don't feel like exagerating in exposing your graces to the public view, these are some tricks for you:

1. Go for V-formed décolletés.
2. Avoid stretchy models, the clothes should follow your forms without wrap them like a sausage. You want your feminine curves to look sexy, not to look sloppy, right?
3. Avoid also chunky accessories for the upper part of your body, at least those which would end up next to your bosom. I'm talking about bags, broaches and necklaces: some big models would pump your décolleté even more. (Look at Scarlet's simplicity: just a straight cut top and delicate earrings, nothing more, and her body is perfectly valorized!)
4. Avoid too creative prints for your shirts, tops and pullovers: they tend to enlarge.

Remember your virtues: you can wear any of those tops every other girl wish to be able to fill up! You should feel honored :-)!

Case 2. "Backless dresses which require no bra at all? problem!"

If you wish you had Scarlet's décolleté but look more like Keira, then keep in mind these notes:

1. Feel free to go for rouches, broaches, important necklaces, crazy prints...the more, the better! (Have a look at all those lovely rouches on Keira's dress: that's the perfect choice for her! Also worth noticing: the horizontal prints of the fabric help her create a fuller effect.)

2. You can enlarge the size of your breasts with any kind of upholstered bra if it makes you feel more comfortable. But remember that one thing you are allowed to do and that every other woman envy you, is wearing those clothes that look much better without any bra at all! And that's not something any woman can do! For example, personally, I hate those transparent bra that show a plastic part on the naked skin ...I think that a woman should either be able to be totally naked under her clothes or just wear things she can put on without having her bra being showed to everybody. However, this is not your problem at all! Feel free to show your best upper body parts: neck, back and shoulders....anything (as long as it doesn't look sloppy)! It surely can be as sexy as a well-exposed full breast!

Remember your virtues: you are allowed to wear any print, any type of necklace, anything big and flashy that comes next to your bosom. You are one lucky girl, believe me!

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