Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Did you know that....

Strappy China sandals

Some of the items of the collection for H&M

...Sandra Choi was born on the Isle of Wight (Great Britain), lived for a while in Hong Kong and eventually moved to London, where she started working at Jimmy Choo's haute couture atelier?

Did you also know that Tamara Yeardye Mellon, a member of the editorial staff at the British Vogue, has been the one that, noticing the lack of nice sandals for women in the fashion industry, proposed new ideas to Jimmy Choo? And that the same woman co-created with the haute couture house a new ready-to-wear line in 1997?

In the same year, the first boutique opened with huge success.
Tamara Mellon made Jimmy Choo popular in Hollywood, where the stars started loving the creations of the brand; she and Sandra Choi became creative director of Jimmy Choo.

All this, to create fabulous shoes such as the well-known Tabatha and Bambi model.

This Saturday, shoes, dresses and accessories of the famous brand will be available at the main H&M stores, and who knows? Maybe we'll be all able to get some of those famous golden stars under the sole too...


Source: Sonia Tiffany Grispo, The Little Pink Book: Scarpe, Hong Kong: Astraea ed., 2008.


  1. LOVE the Jimmy Choo for H&M colletion!!!

  2. Less than 24 hours and the show is gonna begin!


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